Who We Are

Trash Prince is a Toronto based, independently owned clothing brand.

This brand’s origin story starts with a simple doodle and a dream to create graphics for clothing that allow folks to dress and express themselves without having to hear the old familiar refrain, “that isn’t for *insert gender here*.”

Late one night while drawing and feeling rather “thrown away” in my romantic life I doodled the word trash. It seemed so harsh to view myself this way, I wanted to pick myself up like a noble knight in battle. I chose the word Prince because I never saw myself as a Princess.

My hope for Trash Prince is to create a space and brand that allows those that fall outside or in-between the gender binary to find solace and know you are loved just as you are for who you are.

When you make a purchase with Trash Prince you aren’t just supporting a small LGBTQ+ business you are also helping to support the community as 15% of all profits is donated to a chosen funding partner. So go on and sport some sweet gear and help your brothers, sisters, and the rest of the family out!

Trash Prince: A name of endearment and hope.


Giselle K.C-W

Owner/ Founder/Printer, Non-Binary (any pronouns)

Giselle has always been artistic, giving, and loving. With an educational background in Visual and Digital Arts as well as Graphic Design studies they found that marrying passion, community, and philanthropy was a natural course of action. Finding their gender identity was and still is a journey. Giselle actively works to make Trash Prince a positive space for the questioning/exploring/ and those struggling to suss out their gender identities to find others working through the same. No one should have to travel this road alone.

All designs are original, all shirts, sweaters, and tanks are screen printed by hand in home by Giselle.


Holly West

Content Editor/Amazing Aunt, Genderqueer (She/Her/Hers)

Holly West has supported Trash Prince since the start up stages. With an educational background in journalism and marketing studies, respectively she helps ensure all written aspects of Trash Prince are on message and reflect the values Trash Prince stands for and behind. Holly is so committed to Trash Prince and the genius behind the brand, Giselle, that she ensures she clads her tiny 4 11′ frame in the special order children’s sizes of Trash Prince gear. Holly always does her best to do good, be good, and feel good and as a contributing member of the Trash Prince team she gets to practice that a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

If it were up to us, you would receive your package in a heartbeat. However, Canada-wide shipping takes between 1- 7 days, shipping to the USA takes 5-10 days, and International Shipping takes up to 6-8 weeks!


How are your items sized?




At Trash Prince, we try and keep stock in as many sizes as possible because we know all bodies are different and valid! If you do not see your size on our drop-down list, please contact us and we will make sure to send you an item that fits just right. The sizing-chart is based on a garment that is measured laying flat. Some garments, due to size variations, may come from different wholesalers.





Where are your items made?

All our items are designed in-house and by hand by the wonderful Giselle K. C-West. Each item is produced with care and love, so to be just as unique as you are. Giselle uses Water Based screen printing inks and ethically produced shirts as well. Hats are embroidered out of shop by a bespoke company.


How can I get in touch with you?

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email us at: TrashPrinceClothing@outlook.com