Funding Partnership

Partnership Application

Trash Prince was founded with a focus on community. Building that community means supporting our family. We are looking to partner quarterly with a person who is seeking some assistance raising funds to meet their fundraising goals for surgery or hormone treatment. Please pass along this application to anyone that may benefit from this partnership. Reblog, repost, do the thing. The chosen person will need to do their part to promote the Trash Prince brand via social media platforms.

This application is open to all who identify under the trans umbrella (trans men and women, non binary, agender folks, etc.)

Gimme the deets.

  • Name and age
  • How you identify? What are your pronouns?
  • Link(s) to your social media platform(s). Being active online is a big asset, the more hustle you have the better chance your donation target will be met.
  • Do you have a donation page started? Include a link if applicable. What are you saving for? What is your goal?
  • Why are you the right fit? What’s your story?
  • Do you own any Trash Prince gear? If so, what are your favourite pieces?
  • Being active in the LGBTQ+ community is important. How are you helping?
  • Make me laugh. Do you have a go-to joke? I like dad jokes – share your best.

Email applications to

Trash Prince looks forward to all the rad people who will apply and we wish you every bit of luck being chosen. We are so excited for this next step in fostering community, building the brand, and making dreams come true.  | |  @__trashprince__

Third funding partnership

Hayden is a 22 year old non-binary trans masculine boi living in Oregon. He has a B.A in English and is working on obtaining a MFA in creative writing. He also runs a youtube channel, where he talks about transition. You can find him on Instagram @insomnia_prince



Second funding partnership

Nadjae is a 22 year old trans guy from Miami Florida. He runs a YouTube channel where he talks about transition as well as gives advice and support to the community.In total we raised $478.00 CAD for his fundraiser. You can find Naz on Instagram @nazthed0n and on Youtube at FTM Naz.


First funding partnership

 Charles Andrez is a young pansexual FTM from Miami Florida.  In total we raised $230.00 CAD for Charles’ fundraiser.You can check him out on Instagram @charlesandrez_